Friday, February 3, 2012

Grant Information Through Twitter - A Starter Kit

For the past year I have been posting information about the availability of grants through my Twitter account. The grants are for nonprofit tax exempt and nongovernmental organizations worldwide. The sources of funding include government, foundations and corporations. The information is available but difficult to research.  If you do not have the time or know-how to search for grants, then here is a place to start. 

I post about 40 grant announcements every week. Each announcement features a brief description what the grant is for, a deadline if there is one (or "No DL" if there is no deadline), #hashtags to appropriate groups and a link to the grant web site. You will have enough to get started looking for grants in a little more than a blink of an eye. 

  • The information covers no more than 140 characters. 
  •   It is a fast read, a skim of the note will give you the "WOW" factor
  • It is timely
  • You have instant access to all the information to make an informed decision whether it is worth your time and effort to apply
  • The grant is available - I do not report about grants already funded
  • International and global grants are also posted
  • I read every announcement I post before doing so
  • There are no fees, costs or commercials

  • The grants are not from local funders such as United Way or state agency (although the grant may be federal in origin and funding is through a state agency pipeline)  
  • I cannot seek and find grants for specific nonprofits or nongovernmental organizations or for specific geography or country
  • On rare occasions there may be a broken link or a change in a deadline date - if you find one, please let me know so I can correct the information

The information is about grants that I believe will be of interest to NPO and NGO leaders, educators and government officials. Domestic and international issues include poverty, hunger, health, women, people of color, HIV/AIDS, persons who are homeless, the arts, literacy, domestic violence and rape, peace, environment, human rights, advocacy, employment, technology, children and youth, elderly, social justice, human rights, human trafficking, ex-offenders, prisons, migrant workers, immigration, IRS changes, human resources, management, the law and more.   

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